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Tri Safes Custom Install

TK422 Customs proudly presents the ‘Tri-Safe,’ a groundbreaking fusion of entertainment and security, custom-designed for a client’s theater room. This project goes beyond traditional safe design, transforming a space into a show-stopping spectacle. Comprising three custom-built safes in a striking Burnt Orange Gloss, the Tri-Safe fits seamlessly into the theater room’s aesthetic. Each safe is equipped with cutting-edge LED screens, offering a unique dual-purpose feature. These screens can be synced together for an immersive movie-watching experience or used individually, providing versatile entertainment options. With the touch of a remote control, the top half of each screen elegantly scrolls down to unveil the concealed firearm storage behind, blending high-tech luxury with utmost security. The Tri-Safe isn’t just a storage solution; it’s an unparalleled experience, a statement of sophistication and innovation.

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