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The Muscle vault room open from the door view

The Muscle Vault

For Keaton ‘The Muscle’ Hoskins, known from Diesel Brothers, TK422 Customs crafted a custom-built vault room that brings the dazzling essence of Fremont Street in Las Vegas right into his home. This project is a perfect blend of flair and function, designed to impress and secure. We installed custom-lit walls for mounting firearms, enhanced with LED backlit features that add a dramatic, yet sophisticated touch to the display. The centerpiece of this vault room is the ceiling – a bespoke vaulted LED panel, an engineering marvel that can be controlled by the client. It’s capable of displaying any image or video clip, transforming the space into a dynamic, personalized spectacle. This isn’t just a vault room; it’s an immersive experience, a fusion of Las Vegas’s vibrant spirit with top-tier security, tailored specifically for an individual who appreciates the extraordinary.