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proud owner of the Continental gun safe

The Continental Safe

TK422 Customs is proud to be the originator of the John Wick movie-inspired ‘Continental’ line of firearm safes, a series that defines luxury and exclusivity. Each safe in this line is a masterpiece, custom-built from the ground up. The exterior boasts a custom emerald green paint, accentuated with 24k gold leaf hand-painted detailing, evoking the opulence of The Continental Hotel itself. The interior is just as lavish, lined with genuine emerald-colored marble that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. But it’s the intricacies that truly set these safes apart: a custom-built mini-couch, complete with hidden, remote-actuated drawers, is designed to house a whiskey decanter and two glasses for a celebratory toast. Another concealed drawer stores the iconic blood oath marker, coins, and John Wick-inspired pencils, completing the experience. Each version of these safes is unique, embodying the spirit of the film while providing unmatched luxury and security for firearm enthusiasts.

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