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Library vault room conversion complete full view

Las Vegas Library

When a client dreamed of transforming their open 2nd-floor library into a stunning display for their vast firearm collection, TK422 Customs was the obvious choice for the job. Our team embarked on a complete overhaul, replacing traditional bookshelves with custom-crafted glass cases, turning the room into a magnificent gallery for firearms. We installed steel walls, powder-coated in a luxurious gold finish, providing a backdrop that exudes elegance and sophistication. These walls are equipped with our patented mounting system, ensuring each firearm is not only securely displayed but also presented in a manner that elevates its allure. The addition of user-controlled LED backlighting creates a dramatic, customizable ambiance, highlighting each piece in the collection. Encased in glass for protection, the firearms become more than just items of security; they are transformed into a visual spectacle. This overhauled library is now not just a room, but a whole-room conversation piece, a testament to our client’s passion and TK422 Customs’ expertise in creating spaces that blend security, luxury, and aesthetic appeal.