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LA safe room back wall with firearms case

LA Saferoom

In the heart of LA, TK422 Customs undertook an ambitious project: creating a completely hidden vault room, custom-designed from the ground up. This wasn’t just any vault room; it was envisioned to capture the essence of Ironman’s high-tech world. Our team meticulously fabricated stainless steel walls, providing a sleek, futuristic look that resonates with the theme. Central to the room is a standout gun case, designed to be both a functional storage solution and a visual centerpiece, reminiscent of Tony Stark’s own armory. Attention to detail was paramount: the floors were polished to a mirror finish, creating a dramatic effect as the LED lighting, strategically placed throughout the room, reflects and bounces off the surfaces. This lighting scheme doesn’t just illuminate; it transforms the room into a vibrant, dynamic environment. Every element in this vault room, from the flooring to the lighting, was carefully considered and executed to create a one-of-a-kind space that offers not just security, but an immersive, Ironman-like experience.

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