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Directors cut safe 1 finished

John Wick Directors Cut Safes

When the director of the ‘John Wick’ movies approached TK422 Customs for a safe, we knew it had to be extraordinary. So, we didn’t just build him one safe; we crafted two, each a masterpiece embodying the elegance and intensity of the films. Inspired by the Continental style, these safes are a seamless blend of art and functionality. The exteriors are adorned with hand-applied 24k gold leaf, a testament to our commitment to luxury and fine detail. Illuminated by strategically placed LEDs, these safes come alive with a warm, inviting glow, highlighting their exquisite craftsmanship. The interiors are equally impressive, featuring printed plexi-glass backdrops that add a cinematic touch. Equipped with the TK422 weapon mounting system, these safes ensure that each firearm is displayed securely and stylishly. These Continental-inspired safes are not just storage units; they are the epitome of class, designed to reflect the prestige of the movies and the discerning taste of the director himeself.

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