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John Wick 4 crate with firearms and hidden compartments opened

John Wick 4 Trunk

For the thrilling release of ‘John Wick 4’, TK422 Customs rose to the occasion, creating a new trunk that is nothing short of a cinematic treasure. This trunk, built meticulously from scratch, was designed to showcase the arsenal of the movie’s protagonist, including two Taran Tactical pistols and the iconic AR-style shotgun. The trunk itself, however, was just the beginning. In a move that showcases our attention to detail and innovation, the TK422 Customs team engineered hidden, pull-out drawers on each side of the trunk. These drawers were specifically designed to house the magazines for all the firearms featured, adding an extra layer of functionality and intrigue to the piece. The interior is further enhanced with custom, die-cut foam, providing a snug fit for each item and giving the trunk an unmatched finish and feel. This John Wick movie trunk is more than a storage solution; it’s a tribute to the film’s legacy, a collector’s item that captures the spirit of the franchise and the craftsmanship of TK422 Customs.