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TN Hidden Vault Room Ceiling

Hidden Vault Room TN

A project that started as an empty spare room and was transformed into a secret sanctuary of style and security. This room was designed with the utmost discretion in mind, a place meant to be known only to the client, a hidden gem in their home. TK422 Customs took on this challenge with innovative fervor, creating custom-fabricated storage cabinets equipped with unique, one-off designed pipe-hinges, blending industrial strength with artistic flair. The room is outfitted with full stainless steel grate finished mounting walls, providing a robust and sleek surface for arsenal display. The centerpiece of this design is the custom-lit LED ceiling, casting a modern glow over the space, enhancing its high-end, gun-cage ambiance. Brush finished stainless steel is used throughout, adding to the room’s luxurious feel while maintaining its clandestine nature. This hidden vault is more than a storage space; it’s a bespoke creation that marries the allure of secrecy with the elegance of a high-end armory.