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Atlanta Vault Room in the process of opening

Atlanta Gun & Watch Vault

The Atlanta Gun & Watch Vault project began as a blank canvas – a hidden room with endless possibilities. Our client envisioned a space that was not just secure but also exuded modern elegance, a sanctuary for their most treasured possessions. TK422 Customs rose to the challenge, creating a masterpiece of design and functionality. Our team meticulously crafted custom-fabricated, remote-actuated walls, a marvel of engineering that seamlessly conceals and stores firearms. The sophistication extends to the storage solutions for watches and other valuables, with beautifully finished safes lined with Alcantara-covered inserts. These inserts, soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye, include watch winders, ensuring that each timepiece is not just stored but also maintained in perfect condition. The result of this project is more than a vault; it’s the ultimate mancave, a hidden room where luxury meets security, and every detail reflects the client’s desire for a modern, classy retreat for their valuables.

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