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American Security 75 Annual Safe mockup

American Security 75th Anniversary Safe

For American Security’s 75th anniversary celebration at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, TK422 Customs was entrusted with creating a safe that would stand as a symbol of their legacy and innovation. The result was a stunning custom safe in a one-off metallic silver finish, a hue that reflects both the prestige of the occasion and the forward-thinking ethos of American Security. The interior of the safe is where the magic truly unfolds. At its center, we installed a custom-fabricated diamond stand, an embodiment of the durability and value that American Security represents. Surrounding this centerpiece, Infinity mirrors create an optical illusion, giving the viewer the impression that the interior of the safe extends far beyond its physical boundaries. This design choice not only enhances the visual appeal of the safe but also metaphorically represents the expansive impact and enduring legacy of American Security over the past 75 years. This custom safe is more than a secure storage solution; it’s a piece of art, a conversation starter, and a fitting tribute to a company that has stood the test of time.

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